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Q: What is STAT Index?


A: STAT INDEX is a small, family owned business located in Chillicothe, OH that manufactures stock and custom index tabs.


Q: Why Should I buy Stock Index Tabs?

A: First, We manufacture our own tabs, effectively cutting out the middleman in the ordering process. Secondly, most of our Stock Tab orders ship out the day that the order is placed. Most importantly, all of our products are made in the USA!


Q: Are index tabs complicated? 

 A: Not at all! Our website offers a simple way for you to order your stock tabs, while we have a user-friendly page dedicated to making our custom tabs easy to order. If you have any questions, give us a call at 800-654-8227 and our office personnel would be more than happy to assist you! 

Q: Why choose STAT Index?

A: We provide a personalized customer service experience, competitive pricing, quality products, and Quick, On Time delivery. We guarantee your complete satisfaction! 


Q: What is your standard Sheet Size?

A: All of our products are 11” x 8 ½” with a 1/2" tab extension making it 11" x 9" overall. In our industry the binding edge size is always listed first.

Q: What is the Binding Edge?

A: The binding edge is the edge of the sheet that is to be bound. Typically, this is on the opposite end of the tab extensions. It is best that it is reinforced to prevent tearing.


Q: Can I have "special" Hole Punching?

A: Since we are the manufacturer we can put several different styles of holes in your index tabs, but 3 hole (4 ¼”center to center) is the most common.  The second most common hole configuration is 2 Hole (2 ¾ center to center). Hole size is 5/16".


Q: What is a bank of tabs?

A: A bank is the number of tabs in a single layer that usually runs vertically. Tab widths are equally divided over the vertical span, which is 10" (-1/2" inset before and after the tabs) from a standard sheet. Depending on the number of tabs you require, you may specify single or multiple banks of tabs.


Q: What is a set of tabs?

A: A "set" of tabs are all tabs that go together into one individual book or binder. A set can be one bank of tabs, or can even consist of different size tabs in several banks.


Q: What is the Tab Extension?

A: The tab extension is the part of the tab that sticks out from the sheet. 1/2" is standard & all of our Stock tabs are 1/2" extension.


Q: What is "Mylar" or "Lamination" on the tab extension?

A: The laminated coating applied to the tab is sometimes referred to as "mylar". The tab extension takes a lot of abuse when in use, either in a binder, filing system or catalog. Mylar helps to maintain the shape and appearance. You may also add color to your regular black ink Tabs.


Q: What Paper Weight do you offer?

A: The standard weight of paper index tabs is 90lb (100lb Tag).  All of our Stock tabs are 90lb White. However, we can make custom tabs from 110# White.


Q: Do you make odd shaped tabs also?

A: Unfortunately, no. We use high speed tab manufacturing machines that allow us to cut a uniform shape of tab that is designed to minimize tearing.


Q: Can the Laminated portion of the Tab be copied on?

A: Yes, but only our docu-tabs, and it is only available in clear. They are supplied blank, ready to be printed digitally by you.

Conventional mylar cannot be digitally printed on by the end user.


Q: What are Copier Tabs or Docu-Tabs?

A: Copier tabs are blank, unprinted index divider tabs. The user imprints custom tab titles as needed using a high-speed copier or laser printer. They allow creation of custom printed tabs using print-on-demand technology, saving time and money. Generally, the other pages of a document are printed at the same time as the tab. This allows us to deliver a finished, assembled document in one pass.


Q: Can I use Copier Tabs in my desktop laser or inkjet printer?

A: Not normally. Most of these printers can only feed paper up to 8 ½" wide, and standard tabs are 9" wide.

What is STAT Index?
Why Should I buy Stock Index Tabs?
Are index tabs complicated?
Why choose STAT Index
What is your standard sheet size
What is the binding edge
Can I hav special hole punching
What is a bank of tab
What is a set of tabs
What is the Tab Extension
What is Mylar
What paper weight do you offer
Do you make odd shaped tabs
Can the laminated be copied on
What are Docu-Tabs
Can I use copier tabs with my printer
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